Can thoughts overpower your intuition?

It was Friday and everyone was already in a mood of the awaited weekend. It feels good to see people dressed in different colours instead of the subtle colours one get to see on the other working days in office.

I was enjoying the vibrant colours and the cheerful vibes which had been led in the atmosphere when I saw a colleague of mine sitting in front of me lost in her thoughts.

She, in fact, seemed sad and baffled at the same time. When I asked her, I got to know, she was wondering if the intuition already signals you before or is it the negative thoughts that get one into trouble. A good topic to ponder on. Isn’t it?

How can such discussion end without touching Karma? Do Karma pays off your good deeds only in a good way? Wonderful topic to always talk on.

This is how it ended –

Was it meant to be
or my thoughts turned it to
if I stepped in
as a go-getter
and was taken aback
like a wounded soldier
it could not be my inner reflection
but someone as strong as intuition.

My heart is struggling
and my mind is over thinking
why it happened
what happened
my soul pleads for mercy
to the one, it hurt too loud
I didn’t mean to
I didn’t want to
maybe it’s karma
that comes haunting from the past
or maybe it’s a lesson
for a refined future.

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