In search of humanity

This piece of write-up is in respect to killings that take place around the World in the name of religion, tradition and other such beliefs. My heart aches to see the bodies which once alive are now a conspiracy to someone's evil desire and horrendous misbelief. Is religion above all has humanity gone for a... Continue Reading →


Will their soul rest in Peace?

Weekend round the corner my eyes dying to meet my heart dwellers to share the weeks turmoil the much awaited praises those lonely late nights the new exciting learning but who knew God had another plans much bigger than mine making the separation as eternal as ever. They say easy to die difficult to live... Continue Reading →

I wish to be someone

I wish to be someone one day doing things that energizes me excites me on knowing what lies ahead. I wish to be someone one day being busy helping them understanding them and letting them know they are not alone. I wish to be someone one day wherein my words act as a medicine to... Continue Reading →

Patience and Destiny

Do you believe whatever happens in your life is an act of destiny? As popularly said - "Things that belong to you will find their way to reach you no matter how difficult the path is and which don't will leave you no matter how strong the bonding is." And in Hindi there is a very... Continue Reading →

Lavasa – The Planned City

Lavasa, a man made hill station near  Pune and the so called planned city whose construction is left mid way due to intervention by Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF). It issued a stop work order and notice to Lavasa Corporation Limited as it had failed to obtain environmental clearance from the Union Ministry.... Continue Reading →

Yaariyan !!!

Grown up as I am now one thing I am certain of I find myself luckier of all is that we crossed our path I still remember how you made me speak up when silence was all I had surrounded myself with Ah those gossip which I thought would never experience in the absense of... Continue Reading →

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