Can thoughts overpower your intuition?

It was Friday and everyone was already in a mood of the awaited weekend. It feels good to see people dressed in different colours instead of the subtle colours one get to see on the other working days in office. I was enjoying the vibrant colours and the cheerful vibes which had been led in... Continue Reading →


Trek to Bhimashankar – Jyotirlinga

Bhimashankar Temple is a Jyotirlinga shrine located 127 km from Shivaji Nagar (in Pune) in the Ghat region of the Sahyadri hills. Bhimashankar falls in one of the 12 jyotirlingas. It's one of the best treks one can get to experience. Trek lovers will love it and the beginners would find it a little tiring but exciting at the same time. You can either... Continue Reading →

In search of humanity

This piece of write-up is in respect to killings that take place around the World in the name of religion, tradition and other such beliefs. My heart aches to see the bodies which once alive are now a conspiracy to someone's evil desire and horrendous misbelief. Is religion above all has humanity gone for a... Continue Reading →

Will their soul rest in Peace?

Weekend round the corner my eyes dying to meet my heart dwellers to share the weeks turmoil the much awaited praises those lonely late nights the new exciting learning but who knew God had another plans much bigger than mine making the separation as eternal as ever. They say easy to die difficult to live... Continue Reading →

I wish to be someone

I wish to be someone one day doing things that energizes me excites me on knowing what lies ahead. I wish to be someone one day being busy helping them understanding them and letting them know they are not alone. I wish to be someone one day wherein my words act as a medicine to... Continue Reading →

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